Pet Dog Rechargeable Anti Bark Collar Adjustable USB Automatic Vibration Stop Barking Dog Waterproof Training Collars

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Product Overview

1. Waterproof: Increased the choice of training venues and training content, so that training is no longer subject to wet or rainy days.
2. Adjustable: you can adjust the length according to the size of your dogs, and it is suitable for small, medium and large dogs.
3. Multi-function: our collar can be used for various purposes, such as basic dog obedience, hunting, digging, enterprising, barking and so on.
4. Easy to Use: Strength can be adjusted by a button, and the way is more scientific and have a better effect. Each type of training has a button. Just operate following instructions.
5. Economic: it will close automatically when there is no operation, which can save power and prolonging battery life.
6. Convenient: it adopts the USB to charge, which is more convenient.

Package Include:
1 x dog collar
JL514 (1)JL514 (2)JL514 (3)JL514 (4)JL514 (5)JL514 (6)JL514 (7)JL514 (8)JL514 (9)JL514B (1)JL514B (2)JL514B (3)