Automatic Fish Feeder Using USB 5V Or Battery-Programmable Food Dispensers Fish Sea Turtles Intelligent Timed Automatic Feeder

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Product Overview

Automatic Fish Feeder Using USB 5V Or Battery-Programmable Food Dispensers Fish Sea Turtles Intelligent Timed Automatic Feeder

Bullet Points:

1、Two fish food hopper: 100g/ 50g two fish food hopper for different amount and species fish or turtle.
2、Adjustable food export: Adjust the exit according to feeding needs. Dust-proof design to keep fish food clean.
3、Feeding time setting: Automatic mode, 8 hours/ time, 12 hours/ time, 24 hours/ time. Manual mode, press the manual button once to eat.
4、Suitable for various fed: Can automatically put all kinds of fish feed, particle feed, flake feed, grain feed, strip feed and other specifications to meet your different needs.
5、Easy to install: The feeder has two installation options. One way is by using a fixed a fixed clamp. Another way is to put a two-sided label on the lid of the tank. Make sure the feeder can cross the water and keep the fish food dry.

Product Description:
1.Two fish food hopper: 100g/ 50g two fish food hopper for different amount and species fish or turtle.
2.Adjustable food export: Adjust the exit according to feeding needs. Dust-proof design to keep fish food clean
3.Feeding time setting: Automatic mode, 8 hours/ time, 12 hours/ time, 24 hours/ time. Manual mode, press the manual button once to eat.
4.Suitable for various fed: Can automatically put all kinds of fish feed, particle feed, flake feed, grain feed, strip feed and other specifications to meet your different needs.
5.Easy to install: The feeder has two installation options. One way is by using a fixed a fixed clamp. Another way is to put a two-sided label on the lid of the tank. Make sure the feeder can cross the water and keep the fish food dry.

Fish or turtles can be fed automatically at regular intervals to avoid forgetting to feed. Closed fish tank, open water tank can be use.

Product Features:
1.Feeding on schedule you made, no more overfeeding or forget.
2.Auto and Manual two mode options. Adjustable food outlet controls the quantity of 1 feeding cycle. Fit for all kinds of needs.
3.Ideal for fish lovers who always on the way of vacation, business trip.
4.Powered by battery (not included in the package) or USB cable.

Product Parameter:
1.Power supply: 1.5V (AA battery)*2; 5V 1A for USB
2.Feed tank capacity: 50g/ 100g
3.Power cord length: about 1.5m/4.9ft

4.Size: about 12*8*14 cm/4.7*3.1*5.5inch